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Grand Canyon associate goes above and beyond for guests

Preston Curtis is a retail supervisor for Delaware North at the Grand Canyon General Store. But more than that, he’s a guy with a big heart, a pair of Grand Canyon National Park guests said.
Below are two comment cards that were submitted by the guests – detailing an encounter with Curtis that guestpathprestoncurtis360-3546785neither is soon to forget.
Comment card No. 1: Preston Curtis is absolutely an angel! Preston is an angel and No. 1 employee! I was at the first rest stop on Bright Angel Trail. It was Nov. 10, 2015, when we were hit with a snow storm. I had to hike out. I have a disability, following a paralysis in 1988 that I have overcome and trained and planned this trip for three years. I felt prepared, but the snow and ice were a real problem for me. Preston Curtis came into the rest stop and was the kindest, nicest stranger I’ve ever met. He realized my situation and let me borrow his Microspikes crampons. He even put them on my boots for me. Never having used them, I was skeptical that I could make it through the snow storm. He was calm and encouraging. [He] told me he worked at the General Store and assured me these would help me. And they did – I am here today in part due to Preston’s kindness and product knowledge. 
Comment card No. 2: We met Preston at the 1½-mile rest house on the Bright Angel Trail. My traveling companion was struggling with an old leg injury. We had trained and planned well but still found the rocks and steps too demanding. We had to use the 1½-mile rest house as emergency shelter for the night. The next morning, we were greeted with rain, ice and snow. As the trail was deteriorating, we were struggling with the decision to attempt the hike out or whole up for another night and hope for better weather the next day. The information we got from other hikers made it clear we had to out immediately. Preston lent my partner his crampons on nothing but the promise we would return them. That act of kindness allowed us to get out and avoid a rescue situation. When my friend calls Preston an angel, she is not exaggerating. No amount of thanks will ever be enough. I am so grateful.   
“This is a tremendous story and a great example of taking GuestPath® to the next level,” said Bradly Sax, director of GuestPath®, Delaware North’s customer service and continuous improvement process. “Preston certainly showed superior and genuine customer service skills.”