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All-New Roster of KSC Club Discovery Programs

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has launched an all-new roster of KSC Club Discovery programs sure to take kids deeper into their understanding of space exploration and interplanetary travel. The virtual experience brings NASA science, technology, engineering and math into homes across the country straight from America’s multiuser spaceport.

Designed specifically for kids in grades 3 through 6, KSC Club Discovery is the perfect way for future space explorers to have fun while learning about NASA-inspired science. Participants take part in live, virtual lessons with specially selected STEM activities guided by a Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex educator.

The single-day, three-hour programs begin at 1 p.m. ET, and cost $30 plus tax* per student.  

*Annual passholders will receive a 10% savings by calling the Reservations team, available at 855-433-4210 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily.

Following is a schedule of upcoming dates and topics:

Thursday, March 17:  Mission Spacewalk

This session explains all the elements involved in a Space Walk through hands-on activities and examples. Kids will observe how frost forms on rocket fuel tanks, learn about the effects of microgravity, experiment with creating an insulated space suit robot hand! 

Friday, April 8:  Mission Moon Base

Kids will learn what it takes to build a base and live on the Moon! Participants will build a Moon Base, make their own projector to view constellation shapes, create and observe the formation of crystals, and watch a snowstorm happen in a cup.

Friday, April 22:       Earth Day

Most people don’t know that space exploration and space explorers are reducing, reusing, and recycling every day. This special program will teach kids how to grow plants with at-home hydroponics, make a paper rocket, learn about reusing rocket pieces, build an anemometer to measure wind speeds, and create a water filter.

Families who purchase KSC Club Discovery will receive an Information Kit prior to the start of their selected program which will include the supply list, log-in credentials and other details. No supplies will be provided by Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.