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Southland Casino Racing completes $1 million donation to ASU Mid-South hospitality program

Delaware North’s Southland Casino Racing last week presented Arkansas State University Mid-South with the final $100,000 check of a million-dollar pledge. The donation is the 10th of ten annual payments to support the Jeremy M. Jacobs Hospitality Program at the school, which is named after Delaware North’s chairman.

drwest_davewolf_asu_2-9141655“As our business evolves and expands, our need for well-trained and highly skilled employees continues to escalate,” said David Wolf, president and general manager of Southland Casino Racing. “This program will continue to generate a deep pool of qualified hospitality workers who will strengthen the tourism and entertainment efforts of Crittenden County and our region.”

Dr. Debra West, chancellor of ASU Mid-South, said the hospitality program credits Southland’s generosity with converting the college’s vision into a reality.

“Southland put us in a position beginning in 2012 to create something we had considered for quite some time but could never find the resources to establish,” West said. “We wanted to offer a cutting-edge program, and as is Southland’s way, they have provided us with the funds to develop something extraordinary. Their generosity continues to help our students tremendously, and we are certainly very appreciative of everything Delaware North and Southland have done to ensure a brighter future for our region.”

Southland’s continuing commitment to the college is evident as its overall gifts exceed $1.6 million since 2006. In recognition of the multiple contributions, the college named one of its classroom buildings the “Southland Greyhound Science Center.”

PHOTO CAPTION: David Wolf (right), president and general manager of Southland Casino Racing, presents the final check of a million-dollar donation to Dr. Debra West, chancellor of ASU Mid-South.