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‘Planet Play’ Discovered at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

A new, fully-immersive multiple-story play experience landed at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Designed for a younger generation of space explorers ages 2 – 12, Planet Play is an indoor, interactive activity and learning area that brings space right here to earth.

“We are over the Moon to have an offering to our visitors that will interest an even younger generation in space exploration and interplanetary travel,” said Therrin Protze, chief operating officer, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. “This area educates kids about technologies used in space exploration and the planets, in a fun, playful environment.”

Children can enjoy learning fun facts as they play among replicas of the planets in our solar system. There are numerous interactive gaming and artistic components designed to create a memorable learning experience including opportunities to map a constellation, slide through a worm hole, walk on Saturn’s rings, and slide through an asteroid field. And, while kids play, parents can enjoy a coffee, beer and wine bar in a comfortable lounge while watching their tiny explorers learn about space. 

Highlights will include:

  • Gravity Sink:  A rope and netting structure for climbing
  • Storm of Neptune:  Projection and lighting that will make use of theatrical equipment to accentuate the storms on Neptune, featuring sudden changes in intensity and location.
  • Nebulas:  Scenic and lighting element will create a physical manifestation of a celestial Nebula
  • Black Hole Portal: A net climber tube with UV treated fabric woven to create a helix effect
  • The Sun: Play and climbing area lit to mimic the texture and movement of the surface of the sun
  • Rover Racers: Race one of NASA’s Rovers on Mars, avoiding obstacles and collecting samples
  • Toddler Play Area: With soft play and seating area for parents
  • Multiple climbing towers, slides, climbing wall, interactive video games, and much more.