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Patina Restaurant Group’s Ray’s & Stark Bar offers riddle for adventurous foodies

Ray’s & Stark Bar Executive Chef Viet Pham was recently featured in a video in which he discusses a bit about the restaurant – including his favorite pizza, the Slow Pig, which features slow-braised pork with fennel part, olives, broccoli and a brie cheese.
But Pham also had another topic to discuss: a menu addition of sorts.
“We are going to start having something on our menu called ‘Riddle Me This,’” Pham said in the video, which can be seen by clicking here. “So every Friday and Saturday, on the menu there will be printed up a little riddle. It’s not going to list a dish, but (it will list) a riddle. …Once you do figure it out – and the server will talk you through it – the dish will become available.”
Ray’s & Stark Bar is operated by Patina Restaurant Group, which in May 2014 became part of Delaware North.