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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offering free admission to incoming fifth-graders as part of ‘Summer of Mars’

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, which is operated for NASA by Delaware North, is offering incoming fifth-graders a front row seat this summer for NASA’s Journey to Mars with an invitation for a full day of adventure and fun.

journeytomars-5615673Beginning Memorial Day weekend, Friday, May 26, incoming fifth-graders (for fall 2017) who visit with a full-admission-paying-adult will receive free, one-day admission to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The offer is limited to three free children’s tickets per paying adult and not valid for use with any other visitor complex offers such as for Florida residents or military personnel.

The offer is part of the Summer of Mars campaign designed to highlight the myriad visitor complex experiences and activities that focus on the future of space exploration and Mars missions to inspire the next generation of space explorers at the place where it will launch. The visitor complex created the offer to provide deeper context and understanding of the U.S. space program by supporting the fourth- and fifth-grade elementary school curriculums nationwide that include space exploration as an area of study.

The Summer of Mars is designed to not only pique their interest, but inspire the age group that experts estimate will be among the first astronauts to make the trip to Mars when that journey becomes not only possible but probable. The immersive, edutainment- style activities and experiences at the visitor complex are an effective way for kids to learn about the future of NASA as it pertains to Mars.

“Our aim is to inspire kids at this age with memorable space experiences and add a layer of excitement to what they are learning in school by bringing it to life,” said Therrin Protze, chief operating officer of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. “When they leave here, we want them to be inspired by what they saw, heard and felt here, and wanting to learn more. We want them to feel connected to NASA’s Journey to Mars.”

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