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Chef’s Corner: Greg Stillman

For this edition of Chef’s Corner, we talked to Greg Stillman, executive chef at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Bowl is under the umbrella of Patina Restaurant Group, which in May 2014 became part of Delaware North.
As the sun goes down and the lights go up, one of Los Angeles' most beloved summer traditions begins: gregstillman-8229927the pre-concert dinner at the Hollywood Bowl. Whether you're enjoying a luxurious dinner served in your private box or putting the finishing touches on a picnic basket, Patina Restaurant Group’s team at Hollywood Bowl offers an array of dining – and budgetary – options to make your evening one to remember. Patina Restaurant Group's chef and founder, Joachim Splichal, is renowned for his commitment to fresh, seasonal ingredients, which provide the perfect flavors for summer evenings.
Words that describe you
 “You’re such a boy scout!” or “He treats me like I’m his kid and he’s my Dad.”  Neither of these are how I see myself, of course, but how others have described me.
Words that describe your food
“So CIA” (the Culinary Institute of America), or “such a laundry boy,” in reference to the Thomas Keller's French Laundry, where I got my start.
Your favorite moment at Patina Restaurant Group
When Joachim disdainfully-eyed our only risotto stirring spoon and commented how it was too “Betty Crocker," leaving us to scramble for the catering truck in search of another option. The lesson learned: have the right tool for the right job.
Craziest thing you've ever eaten
Mudfish. Yuck!
Your favorite food
There are too many good foods to have a favorite. It’s like asking a parent, “Who’s your favorite child?” However, paella is a crowd-pleaser and one of mine, too.
Your least favorite food
Almost any fast food, and most processed foods.
The hardest cooking lesson you ever received
Cooking is not the hard part; dealing with people – that takes skill.
Heroes (cooking or otherwise)
Heroes? We’re just cooking food here…maybe mentors? Yes, that’s a better word. Thomas Keller, Cindy Pawlcyn, Joachim Splichal, Sean Knight, Toni Chiappetta, Kevin Macway, my stepdad Carl Brindley, and the first chef I ever worked for, Tom Heilman.