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Women’s History Month Partner Spotlight: Truly Good Foods

As we recognize Women’s History Month throughout the United States, Delaware North is featuring a few of the women-owned business partners of Delaware North. Angela Bauer is co-owner, president and CEO of Truly Good Foods, a family-owned business that provides high-quality snacks across the United States, including Delaware North operations at Amalie Arena, Bridgestone Arena, Busch Stadium, Climate Pledge Arena, KeyBank Center, Target Field, TKE Elevate and Truist Park.

Tell us about Truly Good Foods.

Truly Good Foods is a second-generation family business, founded in 1977, with manufacturing facilities and corporate headquarters in Charlotte, N.C. We offer a variety of spicy, salty, sweet and savory snacks to customers. Our mission at Truly Good Foods is to be NUTS about snacking!

What is your mission in working with partners such as Delaware North?

One of our key values is “Captivate Customers,” so we love working with partners such as Delaware North who align with our desire to offer the most enhanced customer experience possible. We think of this relationship as a true partnership and bring innovation, customer data and industry trends to Delaware North so we can share in success. It is always our goal to anticipate customer needs and be a proactive partner.

Why do you think it’s important to recognize Women’s History Month in the hospitality industry?

Women have played significant roles in the development and advancement of the hospitality industry, and it’s important to recognize their contributions to highlight that impact and inspire future generations of women to pursue careers in hospitality.

In addition, while progress has been made, there is still a gap with diverse leadership in the hospitality industry. The recipe for success lies in cultivating an environment that encourages diversity, inclusivity and equal opportunities. Promoting women in leadership roles is not just about equity – it’s about enhancing the richness of decision-making, encouraging innovation and improving the bottom line.

What role do you or your company have today in serving as catalysts for equality?

To me, the most impactful way to be a catalyst for equality is to serve as a role model and mentor for others. My sister and I regularly participate in a variety of events focused on women- and minority-owned businesses, offering feedback and support to new entrepreneurs.

Truly Good Foods is certified in the Women’s Business Enterprise Council and the Women-Owned Small Business Program. Internally, we are always looking for the next generation of female leaders within the company, making sure we support their path toward a leadership position.

What advice do you have for current or aspiring culinarians and entrepreneurs?

First, make sure you choose work that you love. Some days will still be challenging, but if you choose something you enjoy it will make your day more fulfilling. Second, try to have fun and not take things or yourself too seriously. Take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally and remember to celebrate your successes. Third, be a student of your industry – keep a good network of people and keep learning. The culinary world is vast and constantly evolving; stay curious and committed to lifelong learning. Finally, be resilient. Learn from failures and setbacks, adapt to change and keep pushing forward with determination and a strong network of females around you!

Caption: Angela Bauer is co-owner, president and CEO of Truly Good Foods, a second-generation family business that delivers quality snacks to customers throughout the United States, including several Delaware North Sportservice locations.