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Two major events kick off tourism season at El Questro

Two major events recently took place in a week’s span at Australia’s El Questro Wilderness Park, where Delaware North owns and operates a variety of lodging accommodations and dining facilities.

The first event serviced a portion of a 10-day music festival, Ord Muster Valley, which is reputed for being one of the best tourism events in the region. As part of the festival, El Questro held a pair of subevents: The Longest Dinner and Heart of El Questro Tour.

The Longest Dinner is a VIP experience for patrons of the Ord Muster Valley that — fittingly — featured a long table set up on the property’s Emma Gorge airstrip. In addition to dinner in the unique setting, three bands performed, including headliner Dan Sultan, a well-known Australian musician. The Heart of El Questro Tour, meanwhile, showcases El Questro’s famed cattle stations, among other landmarks. The tour displayedthe diverse history of the park, and featured a river cruise with lunch and wine.

Separately, participants of the Gibb Bike Challenge crossed the finish line on park grounds, where a post-race dinner was held by Delaware North. The annual 660-kilometer cycling relay race this year benefitting the Royal Flying Doctors — one of the largest aeromedical organizations in the world.

“We are very proud of our longstanding partnership with the Gibb Bike Challenge and the charities that it supports. The event is always a highlight of the whole year and really signifies the start of the busy tourist season for us and others in the Kimberley region,” said Lori Litwack, Delaware North’s general manager at El Questro.

“This year, having the new Longest Dinner in the same week certainly made life interesting for all of our teams; fortunately they were held at two different resorts, so we spread the joy around,” she continued. “They are both logistical efforts made possible only by our brilliant maintenance team and tradespeople. Kudos to all of the El Questro staff for executing two events to such a high standard.”