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Tenaya Lodge associates volunteer to save lives

Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite, Delaware North’s owned-and-operated mountain lodge resort in Fish Camp, Calif., has taken on a huge commitment to make the region safer for guests and residents.

tenaya_station33-1786759In an innovative collaboration between Mariposa County and Tenaya Lodge, a newly formed, fully dedicated emergency response team has been developed to serve Fish Camp – and the team is composed completely of eight Delaware North associates.

Fish Camp is a tiny town – with only 59 full-time residents – but millions of guests pass through each year to visit Yosemite National Park. Due to the remoteness, the emergency response time from the community volunteers at the local fire department could stretch to 30 minutes.

Mariposa County and Tenaya Lodge entered into an agreement where Delaware North trains and sustains the Company 33 fire station (located across the street from the flodge), ensuring that Fish Camp is served by year-round, 24-hour volunteer responders. The fire station is equipped with a fire engine truck, a wildland truck and a large water truck, all of which Delaware North paid to outfit.

Darold Swallow, Ricki Mauro, Kelly Lucero, Josh Willis, Don Ubben, Jonas Gonzales, Jonathan Morris, and Larry Weise, all Delaware North associates at Tenaya Lodge, went through a rigorous training program executed by Mariposa County that prepares the volunteers for all types of emergencies. It includes 80 hours with the fire academy, 60 hours of first responder medical training, emergency vehicle operation courses and hazmat response courses.

Now, when emergency response volunteers are at their regular jobs at Tenaya Lodge and their beepers go off indicating an emergency, they jump into action and report to  the Company 33 fire station.

Excerpts taken from the Mariposa Gazette article written by Kellie Flanagan.