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Scottsdale Stadium general manager, chef and hot dog wow food blogger

All-things hot dog blogger Tom Lohr of “Blog About a Dog” recently paid a visit to Scottsdale Stadium, the ericandlarrynr-8072726Major League Baseball spring training venue of the San Francisco Giants at which Delaware North Sportservice operates food and beverage services.

The blogger not only ranked the facility’s hot dogs as “the best in the Cactus League,” he had nothing but high praise for General Manager Eric Babcook and Chef Larry “Love” Manuelito.
“Eric was kind of enough to give me the ballpark tour,” Lohr said in his piece, which can be read in its entirety by clicking here. “It was obvious why he was so helpful getting me in the park. He has an operation to be proud of and anyone that works so hard to get it so right is usually eager to show it off. And they get it very right in Scottsdale.”

“Larry is a man that appreciates art –food art,” Lohr said of Manuelito. “He offered up one of his masterpieces for me to try: his version of a Sonoran dog. If you read my blog, you know the Sonoran is my favorite regional dog, and no life is complete until you eat one. Larry adds his own twist by putting a pineapple pico de gallo on it, and it takes the Sonoran to an entirely different level of deliciousness.”

Babcook (left) and Manuelito (right) are pictured above.