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Rick Abramson honored for 50-year anniversary

Delaware North Executive Vice President and COO Rick Abramson was recently honored for a major milestone: 50 years of service with Delaware North.

Abramson, who began his journey with the company as a teenage food vendor at the old Milwaukee mrj_hug_360-3273285County Stadium, was recognized for the accomplishment on June 1, when Delaware North Chairman Jeremy Jacobs and Co-CEOs Jerry Jacobs Jr. and Lou Jacobs presented him with a gift and a crystal keepsake.
“The company that exists today is very different from the company that Rick started working for 50 years ago,” Mr. Jacobs said. “That’s because he has helped to shape the evolution of Delaware North. Rick has worked in almost every division and at virtually every level.”
The presentation took place before a standing-room-only audience of associates and leadership – many of whom held up cut-outs of Abramson’s face in tribute – in the auditorium space at Delaware North’s global headquarters. Also included during the celebration was a video montage (watch here) with Delaware North associates around the world thanking Abramson for his leadership.
“I’m humbled and flattered. Thank you,” Abramson said of the celebration and the kind remarks from throughout the company. “And a special thanks to the Jacobs family for putting up with me for 50 years and for letting me prove my worth and advance my career. We are all very fortunate to work for a company where even after 50 years, you’re still learning new things; you’re still challenged every day to improve upon yourself; and most importantly, you’re energized for the future.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Delaware North Chairman Jeremy Jacobs embraces Executive Vice President and COO Rick Abramson (left) after recognizing him for 50 years of service with Delaware North.