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Reusable propane tanks reduce waste at national parks

Little Kamper reusable propane tanks will be available at several of Delaware North’s retail shops at national parks this year. Delaware North’s parks and resorts division, in partnership with the GreenPath and retail teams, recently announced a program to help reduce hazardous waste in national parks.

Every year, thousands of the green one-pound steel propane tanks, used to fuel portable stoves and barbecues, are discarded in national parks. The used tanks are considered hazardous waste, which makes them costly to handle and recycle. A pilot program at another national park demonstrated how sales of the Little Kamper reusable propane tanks greatly reduced the number of empty tanks left for disposal from the park.

“We have partnered with Little Kamper, a company that produces an eco-friendly, reusable propane cylinder,” said Vicki McMichael, director of compliance and sustainability for Delaware North parks and resorts. “This is a huge step to reduce the waste generated from traditional camping canisters and illustrates our strong commitment to the protection of national parks.”

When guests purchase a Little Kamper prefilled one-pound cylinder, they will be able to exchange it when it is empty for a full cylinder at any participating Little Kamper retailer at half the cost of a new cylinder. The cylinder is designed to be refilled by certified technicians for up to 12 years. Every exchange means one less tank in the waste stream.

“We could not offer these types of sustainable products without the expertise and support of our retail department,” said Deb Friedel, corporate director of sustainability. “When we presented the Little Kamper program to them, they inherently understood the benefits of the product for the environment and Delaware North. We are excited to introduce a new product and are grateful for the support.”

The Little Kamper propane tanks will be available at Delaware North’s Grand Canyon, Sequoia & Kings Canyon and Shenandoah National Parks locations this year.