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Patina Restaurant Group opens Colorado Kitchen

Delaware North’s Patina Restaurant Group last month opened Colorado Kitchen, an upscale food hall located in Colorado Center in Santa Monica, Calif. Colorado Center is an office campus comprising six buildings as well as significant outdoor space, and is home to tenants such as Hulu, Bird and Kite Pharma.

Colorado Kitchen, which is open to both office tenants and the public, houses three food outlets: The Bread, The Greens and The Grill. These concepts serve a variety of market fresh seasonal selections and offer an assortment of culinary creations, including breakfast classics with freshly baked pastries, gourmet burgers, chef-made artisanal sandwiches and a fresh farmer’s market salad bar. It also features 17,000 square feet of common space with arcade games and a ping pong table.

The opening of Colorado Kitchen was part of a $40 million renovation to Colorado Center, set in motion after real estate company Boston Properties – also Delaware North’s joint-venture partner for The Hub on Causeway in Boston – purchased the complex in 2016.

Jonathan Lange, vice president for Boston Properties’ Los Angeles office, told the LA Business Journal that this is the first time the property has been fully occupied. It was about 65 percent leased when the company purchased it three years ago.

“The space was tired,” said Lange in an article in the Santa Monica Daily Press. “Now, it’s a $10 million facility with a state-of-the-art kitchen and three food outlets with curated menus at a price point for workers to afford lunch every day.”