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Out of this World Holiday Gifts for Space Enthusiasts at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the space enthusiast in your life? Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s The Space Shop is the world’s largest on-line store for space fans and features more than 300 space-centric items. Mission Control at The Space Shop has identified the following top five gifts for space buffs this year. For more space related gift ideas, visit
5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Lift Off! Top 5 gifts for space enthusiasts:

rockets1-65124551. A space collector’s dream, this new Space Launch System model provides a detailed recreation of what will be the most powerful rocket in history. The SLS will be the launch vehicle that sends astronauts in NASA’s Orion Spacecraft beyond low-earth orbit into the solar system on missions to an asteroid and eventually Mars. Model measures 26.5” tall by 4.75” wide. $300

2. For the building enthusiast, The Space Shop offer miniature shuttle building nano1-1192972sets of 580 pieces and 1,600 pieces. The 580-piece set produces a shuttle approximately seven-inches high, while the 1,600-piece set creates a shuttle approximately 11-inches high. 580-piece set $30; 1,600 piece set $120.

3. Launch your phone to a new level of cool with a space/science themed phone case.phones-7087142 
– Be Greater Than Average Galaxy X case. $20, Silver Failure Is Not An Option case. $24, Hologram Space Shuttle iPhone case. $15.99
4. Kids’ imaginations can take flight with the new Toy Atlantis LC39 play set. This play set comes complete with space shuttle Atlantis, two astronauts, and an astronaut transport vehicle. $29.99
5. apollopic-8445808This framed and matted 16” x 20” photo of Buzz Aldrin on the lunar surface captures one of the greatest achievements and is limited in availability. Autographed by Mr. Aldrin, photo comes with certificate of authenticity. $1,200.