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New Concepts, Same Great Tastes At Delaware North Companies’ Vito’s Market

Vito's Market features new produce market.

BUFFALO, N.Y. (Jan. 10, 2007) – Drop that donut! Just in time for that New Year’s resolution, Vito’s Market is featuring fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy goodies for downtown employees looking to make a change.  Vito’s restaurant, located at Fountain Plaza on the main floor of the South Key Bank Tower, is a mainstay for many city employees during their lunch hour and for morning coffee.

“This will allow customers to select fresh fruit and produce at supermarket prices. If you want to grab a bag of grapes, or a bowl of fresh cut fruit for your desk, you will be able to do that,” said Vito Buscemi, co-founder of Vito’s Market. 
Vito’s has enjoyed success due to its consistent use of the highest quality ingredients and home-style food concepts. Recent sales increases are due in part to a new pricing structure that focuses on reducing the cost to the customer without compromising the quality of the product. According to Buscemi, the introduction of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy products at supermarket pricing is just one more way they are responding to their customers’ requests.
On the new menu, a value price can be offered for a combination of any items. For example, with the purchase of one of Vito’s many specialty sandwiches, a soup or salad and drink are included at a discounted price. In addition, new menu items have increased morning business; most notably from the breakfast Panini’s and an expansion of the specialty coffee bar which features hot and cold drinks.  Vito’s market also features a new catering menu.
For Buscemi, the food business has come full circle. After the humble beginnings as a family-owned market in downtown Buffalo over 15 years ago, Vito’s Market has grown and expanded well beyond Western New York as a franchised restaurant concept under the guidance of Delaware North Companies.
The Vito’s food / restaurant brand can now be located in airports all across the country, including The Greater Buffalo / Niagara International Airport. “We have come a long way, developing from a Mom & Pop store to a national brand,” said Buscemi.
With the business enjoying success on a national level, the Vito’s name has also remained popular in Buffalo since opening in 1991.
Even with the restaurant at Fountain Plaza doing so well, Vito’s catering service is responsible for approximately 40% of the local business. Companies based in Buffalo have taken advantage of Vito’s catering service based on the positive reputation the restaurant has gained over the years. 
“Our company relies on Vito’s for every in-house business lunch,” said Jim LaVersa, a senior manager at Buffalo-based Harmac Medical Products Inc. “The exceptional quality and diversity of the menu is always guaranteed to satisfy our customers’ needs. I have been in Buffalo for 12 years, and no matter what the event, I know I can always trust the quality of Vito’s.” According to LaVersa, Harmac’s senior management team was so impressed with Vito’s that last month when they held a company-wide event, they chose Vito’s to cater over 300 lunches throughout three shifts for the entire company.  
Buscemi attributes his restaurant’s lucrative catering business and strong reputation to never compromising the quality of the product. “Our main goal is to be consistent with every piece of food,” stated Buscemi. “People have always relied on us to provide them with the highest quality ingredients consistently and we pride ourselves on doing just that. After all, it is the foundation on which we have built our business 16 years ago.”