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New Catering Experiences At The 2008 Australian Open

MELBOURNE (Jan. 10 2008) ? Delaware North Companies Australia will provide
two new catering experiences at the 2008 Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis
Match Point Marquee is a new food and drink area located between Rod Laver
Arena and Margaret Court Arena that will seat approximately 400. It will feature the
return of the 2006 Commonwealth Games favourite, Sizzling Salad, with its made to
order salads topped off with sizzling chicken, fish or meat.
It will also have one of the increasingly popular Billie Chu outlets, which provide
hawker style Asian food. Billie Chu outlets are located at Southern Cross Station
and Melbourne and Adelaide airports.
There will also be a bar, offering a standard bar menu, and a number of coffee
stations. A special deck has been built extending from the concourse to provide a
comfortable area for about 400 people to enjoy their food and drink.
Patrons won’t find the usual burger, fries and fizzy soft drink at the new Food Store
RLA. Instead they will find five Heart Foundation Tick approved meals along with
other healthier options including salads, fruits, light sandwiches and snacks.
Food Store RLA is located inside Rod Laver Arena next to the main entrance. This is
one of the most visible retail outlets in the Melbourne and Olympic Parks Precinct
and will be easy to find for those seeking out healthier options.
The outlet is a “grab and go” style offering, similar to a mini-mart. This outlet was
established with the assistance of 2008 Australian Open sponsors, who cooperated
to meet customer requests to easily locate healthier food and drink options.
The Heart Foundation has announced that the 2008 Australian Open at Melbourne
Park will be the first time a major sports stadium will offer genuinely healthier food
choices with the Heart Foundation Tick. These options will only be available at Food
Store RLA.
Delaware North Companies Australia was recently inducted into the Restaurant and
Caterers Association (Victoria) Hall of Fame after its third consecutive Event
Caterer Award for its catering at the Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament.