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MRVN the Mars Rover has a chance to become a LEGO set

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, which Delaware North operates for NASA, unveiled its Mars Rover Concept Vehicle, nicknamed “MRVN,” at the Summer of Mars kickoff event in 2017. 

Since then, the roving Mars exhibit has traveled the East Coast, catching the attention of more than 1.9 billion people through numerous media stories. 

Now, MRVN has the potential to become a LEGO model. Submitted by a fan of the Mars Rover Concept Vehicle, the campaign has just over two months to reach 10,000 supporters through LEGO Ideas. 

LEGO Ideas serves as an online platform where fans can propose concepts for future LEGO products. Once the LEGO Idea is submitted, the contributor looks to the community to gather support. When the project reaches 10,000 supporters, it’s qualified for review by LEGO representatives. 

MRVN has until Aug. 10 to gather enough supporters. Vote today to help MRVN come to life in LEGO form!