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Mental Health Awareness Month: Panelists share how to be their best selves inside and outside of work

Chuck Abramo (far right), group vice president, human resources, last week moderated a panel focused on mental health and well being featuring Elizabeth Woike-Ganga (second from right), CEO of BestSelf Behavioral Health, alongside Delaware North leaders (left to right) Wes Trump, director, brand environments and merchandising; Dawn Hedges, director, operational support, Parks and Resorts; Priyanka Carella, senior director, product engineering; and Mark Clemency, general manager for Delaware North at Boston Logan International Airport.

Delaware North’s corporate headquarters on May 28 hosted a panel discussion for Mental Health Awareness Month, “Being your best self inside and outside of work.” BestSelf Behavioral Health CEO Elizabeth Woike-Ganga, who is a licensed clinical social worker, joined team members live and virtually for a thoughtful conversation focused on mental health and how leaders can support team member well-being.

The panelists represented a range of functions and specialties across Delaware North, sharing an array of personal commitments and expressing their understanding that identifying stress and anxiety within themselves and others should be normalized in professional settings.

They shared life experiences, resources and coping strategies, including maintaining a consistent routine, setting boundaries, staying authentic to yourself and finding healthy outlets for stress such as exercise and getting outside.

“Pay attention to how you’re talking to yourself and the expectations you have for yourself,” Woike-Ganga said. “Would you have those same expectations for your best friend? How can you work to have compassion for yourself?”

The panel agreed on the value of fostering a supportive network inside and outside of work and using resources such as therapy and the Employee Assistance Programs offered by Delaware North to all global team members.