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London Stadium foodservice partner Delaware North brings authentic American ballpark cuisine to 2023 MLB London Series

United States-based company has served MLB fans since 1930 and has been a partner of the St. Louis Cardinals since 1953

Delaware North, a global leader in hospitality and entertainment, is set to add an authentic American touch to the 2023 MLB London Series at London Stadium by bringing its signature ballpark fare to the highly anticipated event.

The London Series, a matchup between the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs, will take place June 24-25. As the foodservice partner at London Stadium, Delaware North will be providing a range of specialty and classic American ballpark food. Highlights include:

  • London Series Boomstick Hot Dog: a 2-foot-long hot dog smothered in braised beef and chili and topped with jalapeno peppers, nacho cheese and sour cream. Intended to feed up to four guests. Available in the Americana Zones. 


  • mlb20london20series20-20boomstick20nachos_delaware20north-2564365London Series Boomstick Chili Nachos: a 2-foot-long bed of tortilla chips smothered in nacho cheese and braised beef and topped with bean chili, jalapeno peppers, sour cream, spring onions and tomatoes. Intended to feed up to four guests. Available in the Americana Zones. 


  • mlb20london20series20-20st_20louis20dog_2_delaware20north-7456250St. Louis Dog: Italian sausage topped with relish, grilled onions, grilled peppers, secret sauce, ketchup and mustard. Served on a traditional hot dog bun. Available in the St. Louis Americana Zone. 


  • mlb20london20series20-20chicago20dog_delaware20north-4652395Chicago Dog: Dino Hot Dog topped with a pickle wedge, tomatoes, onions, Gherkin relish and beer mustard. Served on a poppy seed bun. Available in the Chicago Americana Zone. 


  • mlb20london20series20-20prime20double20burger_delaware20north-9613281Prime Double Burger: Two Prime beef patties layered with melted cheese and crispy bacon. Available at Prime Burger locations near Blocks 110, 131 and 154. 


  • mlb20london20series20-20chicken20tenders_delaware20north-5247401Chicken Tenders: An order of four crispy, fried chicken tenders served with red Thai curry mayo, pickled ginger, crispy onions, spring onions and sriracha. Available at The Fat Rooster locations near Blocks 104, 126 and 145. 


  • mlb20london20series20-20american20hot20dog_delaware20north-4965535American Hot Dog: Classic American hot dog topped with mustard, ketchup, sliced Gherkins and crispy onions. Available at Dino’s Famous locations near Blocks 105, 141 and 147.

“We know that fans in the UK are passionate about sports, and we want to make sure they have the full ballpark experience – including some of the most iconic food options that have become synonymous with American baseball,” said Jamie Obletz, president of Delaware North’s Sportservice division and United Kingdom operations. “We’re bringing a fun mix of traditional ballpark fare and some of the more creative offerings that have taken hold in recent years.”

The Delaware North team at London Stadium is led by General Manager Elliott Moore, with the culinary group under the direction of Executive Head Chef Gary Foakes and Head Chef Bruce Deacon. For this event, they have collaborated with company counterparts in the United States, including Cristobal Vazquez and Norman Taylor, executive sous chef at the Cardinals’ Busch Stadium.

Vazquez is executive chef for Delaware North at the Texas Rangers’ Globe Life Field and is one of the creators of the jumbo-sized Boomstick, which made international headlines when it was first introduced in 2012. The advent of the Boomstick began a leaguewide trend of unique and larger-than-life offerings intended to feed multiple fans.  

“We are in the unique position of being both a longtime foodservice operator here in London and the longest running concessionaire in Major League Baseball,” Moore said. “We truly bring the best of both worlds, and I know it will make for an incredible event.”

In addition to the food, 10 new bars have been added to the East Stand between Blocks 130 and 140, along with two more in the West Stand. In keeping with the tradition of Major League Baseball stadiums, vendors – also known as hawkers – will be present in the seating bowl to offer a variety of beer, cider, soft drinks and pretzels from Mr. Pretzels.

Delaware North is no stranger to providing high-quality food and beverage service at sporting events. The company has been providing foodservice for Major League Baseball since 1930 and currently operates at 10 MLB ballparks across the United States – including as a partner to the Cardinals since 1953.
Additionally, the company manages foodservice at Wembley Stadium, Emirates Stadium, Pride Park Stadium and has been servicing London Stadium since it opened in 2015.