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Future of Space Travel at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex with New LEGO® Education Build to Launch Exhibit

LEGO® Education’s popular Build to Launch: A STEAM Exploration Series has come to life through a new exhibit at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The digital STEAM learning series, created in collaboration with NASA, was designed to engage students, spark curiosity, and ignite joy in learning. The new exhibit expands the universe of opportunity to broaden understanding of the space industry through interactive displays and hands-on activities, included with admission.

The immersive STEAM learning experience introduces guests to the LEGO® Space Team, which features LEGO® minifigures as members of the flight and ground crews, and explains how each of their roles is a critical part of a successful space mission. Visitors will even catch a glimpse of some of the cool creations students came up with throughout the ten-week series. The exhibit will feature favorite LEGO Space Team minifigures in life-sized form, including Flight Director Maria, Program Manager Daniel, Engineer Avery and more.

“Our primary goal at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is to educate and inspire the next generation of space explorers, and LEGO Education has been challenging young minds for decades,” Therrin Protze, chief operating officer, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, said. “The LEGO Education Build to Launch exhibit is a great example of how we engage guests in a fun, colorful and meaningful way, and provides a space to explore the world of STEAM while also learning about the latest Moon mission – Artemis I.”

Guests can also enjoy the free-build table to stretch their own engineering skills and jump into a photo-op that lets them become a member of the LEGO Space Team. The Visitor Complex will also host live hands-on learning demonstrations offering guests a deeper dive into some of the concepts discussed during the series.

“Students and teachers have been igniting their passion for STEAM through the Build to Launch series and the Artemis I mission by designing and prototyping, problem-solving and collaborating, and exploring STEAM careers. What better place to bring it to life than at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex where guests will be able to view the Artemis mission launch that inspired the series,” said Dr. Jenny Nash, Head of Education Impact U.S. for LEGO Education. “The learning really comes to life for visitors of the exhibit as they build and interact with the LEGO Space Team minifigures they’ve come to know and love through the series, as well as introduce new students, classes, and families to the joy of hands-on playful learning.”

Build to Launch: A STEAM Exploration Series is a collaboration with NASA featuring interactive episodes and open-ended prompts grouped into three learning themes aligned with the Artemis I mission: Getting to Space, Testing and Transport, and Working in Space. Designed for students in grades K – 12, the series explains careers at NASA (from flight controllers to astronauts and engineers) to inspire students to see themselves in those roles.

More information about the Build to Launch exhibit can be found at The Build to Launch series is available online for free at