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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Gives Dads An Out-of-This World Space Experience for Father’s Day

Dads can indulge their inner space geek with an out-of-this-world, space-exploration-themed Father’s Day at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, where visitors are always exploring.
The whole family can enjoy a full-day space experience at the Visitor Complex, which brings to life the exciting past, present and future of the U.S. Space Program. The Visitor Complex recently extended its hours to 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily to allow families more time to explore the endless fun and educational activities available.
Highlights of Father’s Day at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex include:

  • Becoming a space shuttle astronaut at the unique $100 million, 90,000-square-foot Space Shuttle AtlantisSM attraction, where visitors get nose to nose with a real spaceflown orbiter. Space Shuttle Atlantis is displayed as if floating in space – the only space shuttle orbiter in the world exhibited this way. Dads also can train on various realistic simulators: take a simulated spacewalk, land the space shuttle on the shuttle landing facility, operate the robotic Canadarm or dock with the International Space Station.
  • Experience the sights, sounds and sensations of a space shuttle launch at Shuttle Launch Experience. Called by NASA astronauts the world’s most realistic simulation of a space shuttle launch, Shuttle Launch Experience is now a part of Space Shuttle Atlantis.
  • The KSC Up-Close Explore Tour, which gives an insider’s view of the U.S. Space Program, from the launch sites of today at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to the past and future of space exploration at Kennedy Space Center. The KSC Up-Close Explore Tour includes up-close views of the massive, 525-foot-high Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), one of the largest single-story structures in the world, and the Shuttle Landing Facility. The tour stops in between the Kennedy Space Center launch pads for a close-up photo opportunity, in front of the VAB and on the NASA Causeway where guests are surrounded by a panoramic view of launch pads at Cape Canaveral that are currently accommodating rocket launches by NASA, SpaceX and the United Launch Alliance
  • The Apollo/Saturn V Center, where dramatic multi-media shows and numerous hands-on displays provide visitors with an inspirational and exhilarating look into America’s quest for the moon. Guests relive the historic launch of Apollo 8 at the Firing Room Theater, then marvel at a monstrous 363-foot long Saturn V moon rocket, the most powerful rocket ever built and one of only three Saturn V rockets in existence. The Apollo Treasures Gallery showcases treasures from the Apollo moon missions, including Apollo 14 Commander Alan Shepard’s spacesuit and the Apollo 14 Command Module, Kitty Hawk.
  • ATX – Astronaut Training Experience at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex invites guests to explore as never before. During ATX, a highly interactive program allowing guests to experience the thrill of a personalized space adventure. Participants experience the Multi-Axis Trainer, which randomly spins and twirls its occupant in multiple directions and through 360-degree revolutions, the Micro-Gravity Wall, that allows them to climb and descend in an almost effortless state, and the 1/6th Gravity Chair, which incorporates springs and pulleys to create the true-to-life feeling of walking on the moon. The experience culminates in a simulated space shuttle mission to the ISS, with each crewmember assigned a specific role. Based on assignment, participants proceed to a full-scale shuttle mock-up or take the helm in a realistically outfitted mission control room.