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Housekeeping leadership productivity training brings together two Delaware North subsidiaries

Housekeeping leaders from two of Delaware North’s operating companies recently came together for a two-day seminar at the company-owned-and-operated Sea Crest Beach Hotel on Cape Cod in Falmouth, Mass.

The group of 24 was composed of 18 housekeeping management associates from the parks and resorts division and six from gaming locations. Attendees were taught and immersed in the innovative housekeeping cleaning methods that Sea Crest Beach Hotel has used to high acclaim for the last several years. In particular, the group was trained on two primary methods of how Sea Crest cleans its guest rooms: using “stay-over specialists” and “team cleaning.”

The aforementioned methods — also used by leading hotel brands such as Marriott, Hyatt and Ritz Carlton — led Sea Crest to earn the parks and resorts division’s top ranking in room attendant productivity in 2017.

“Not only was this a great learning opportunity, it was equally as powerful to connect our properties, including across subsidiary lines,” said Jim McGrath, vice president of lodging for Delaware North’s parks and resorts business. “Attendees learned and explored industry-leading methods, participated in hands-on demonstrations and engaged in a variety of group discussions.

“As a whole, we came away with goals to improve productivity — including lowered
cost per occupied room — without sacrificing quality.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Leadership from housekeeping departments across both Delaware North’s parks and gaming businesses strike a pose on the private beach outside of the Delaware North-owned-and-operated Sea Crest Beach Hotel on Cape Cod.