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Five UK associates raise funds for charity in 100-kilometer London 2 Brighton Challenge

Delaware North associates from The Commission at London Heathrow Airport recently undertook the London 2 Brighton Challenge, a 100-kilometer (62 miles) walk to raise money for more than 200 charities.

The team consisted of five associates: Amanda Gale, general manager; Charlton Dickason; deputy general manager; Marcin Pogonowski, deputy general manager; Hermesh Sonik, duty manager; and associate Justyna Czenczek. The group walked in support of the British Heart Foundation.

London 2 Brighton is an annual charity walk spanning 103.9 kilometers over the course of two days. During its travels, the Delaware North team took around 145,000 steps and traversed paths ranging from tarmac roads to riverside trails.

“As a group, we have all been affected or know someone who has been affected by Heart Disease,” Gale said. “One of the members of the team actually suffered from a heart attack in the past at a very young age. He was the initial motivation for us completing this walk.”

The team completed the walk in just under 28 hours — raising £2,525 (more than $3,300) in the process.

“We’re very proud of The Commission crew for committing to this event and raising such an incredible sum of money,” said Doug Tetley, managing director of Delaware North’s United Kingdom operations.

“We publisized their commitment ahead of the walk in our internal staff newsletter. I know that the entire UK company was rooting for them and supported their fundraising with contributions and messages of support.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Pictured from left to right are associates of The Commission who participated in a recent two-day walk for charity: Hermesh Sonik, duty manager; General Manager Amanda Gale and her son, Oscar; Charlton Dickason, deputy general manager; and Marcin Pogonowski, deputy general manager. Not pictured is Justyna Czenczek, who was also part of The Commission team.