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Explorer Cabins at Tenaya Lodge go solar

The new Explorer Cabins at Tenaya Lodge, just opened in July outside of Yosemite National Park, are already leading the way in Delaware North’s GreenPath efforts.

The 50 standalone, two-bedroom Explorer Cabins were part of a $25 million investment to enhance the Delaware North-owned-and-operated Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite’s accommodation, dining and recreation options in 2019. Last month, Explorer Cabin 41 was retrofitted with a solar panel collection system—the first guest accommodation in Delaware North’s parks and resorts division to utilize solar energy as an alternative power source.

The solar panels, designed and installed by Off Line Solar, a local Mariposa County firm, capture the sun’s rays and convert them into energy used to power the entire cabin. The system consists of 12 rooftop panels and an inverter—essential to creating usable power. Each day, approximately 16 kilowatt hours of energy is collected to power the electrical system. The design could potentially feed energy collected back into the grid, saving on monthly energy bills for the Explorer Cabin campus.

GreenPath, Delaware North’s proprietary stewardship program, helps ensure the company carefully manages its environmental impact and positively contributes to the communities it serves. Investing in renewable energy just steps from Yosemite National Park is a natural continuation of Delaware North’s sustainability efforts.

“Guests will experience all the amenities of the new cabin and gain an appreciation of clean energy use, including Delaware North’s commitment to sustainability through GreenPath,” Vicki McMichael, director of sustainability for the parks and resorts division, said of coordinating the solar installation project.

If occupied 50% of the year with the solar system operational, 2,880 killowatts (kwh) will be saved. This is equivalent to: two tons of carbon offset from entering the air; 229 gallons of gas not consumed; and 88 bags of waste recycled instead of land-filled.

“This renewable energy project promotes GreenPath principles while maintaining the extraordinary guest services offered at Tenaya Lodge,” said Scott Socha, president of parks and resorts at Delaware North.