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Delaware North Sportservice chefs get a taste of Yellowstone National Park

When the NHL and NBA seasons ended in mid-April, the players’ offseason began. But for eight Delaware North Sportservice chefs working at TD Garden in Boston and Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay, a new challenge was just beginning.

The chefs were selected to work for Delaware North’s operations in Yellowstone National Park this summer. Based out of four locations in the park — Fishing Bridge, Canyon, Lake and Grant — they are divided between employee dining rooms and fountains within the Yellowstone General Stores.

Below are highlights of question-and-answer sessions with the cooks.

Tom Geary (Amalie Arena) on his favorite post-work activity: Kick back, relax, and talk to my family. This is the best summer job. Whoever says otherwise needs to get out and experience it.

Bob Dalessio on applying learnings from TD Garden: At Legends, it’s all about quality and speed. In Yellowstone, the same things apply but you have the time to show your skills and professionalism. Pleasing the guest is the main goal.

Philip Piasecki (Amalie Arena) on his favorite post-work activity: Get outside; we’ve got some local bison here.

Laurice Griffin (TD Garden) on his favorite part of the park: The drive from here to Cody… it’s beautiful. The mountains touch the sky.

Joshua Lambert on applying learnings from Amalie Arena: People make more of an effort to be eco-friendly here. I would like to bring that back.

Philbert Cummings (TD Garden) on his favorite post-work activity: Go to the dorms, sit on the porch and watch all the cars go by.

Stephen Kaytes on applying learnings from TD Garden: Every meal we put out is valuable and the most important part is taking the time to ensure that each guest is taken care of.

Renedo “Ray” Luke (Amalie Arena) on his favorite post-work activity: Depends on the day. I like to kick back, relax, and think about what’s next – what meal I’m going to cook.

PHOTO CAPTION: Philip Piasecki traded in his Amalie Arena hat for the summer in favor of one boasting Yellowstone National Park branding.