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Delaware North sets the stage for Wembley Stadium’s world-class events

wembley_boxing-9742881There’s nothing quite like being there. The stillness of 90,000 held breaths, the electric feel of hope in the air in the final minutes, the deafening roar of victory, the sight of heroes rising and the knowledge you are about to witness history being made.

As the largest sports venue in the U.K. and the second-largest stadium in Europe, Wembley is known for its high-profile experiences. The iconic Wembley Stadium is home to Premier League football, massive sporting events and some of the world's biggest concerts. Delaware North, which since 2007 has been the sole hospitality provider at Wembley Stadium in London, hosted a pair of massive back-to-back events this spring and summer.

Delaware North's hospitality presence at Wembley includes the Club Wembley, Corinthian Club and Great Hall exclusive suites; two signature restaurants with champagne and seafood bars; two quick-service cafes; full-services and 162 corporate suites.

Wembley Stadium Top Fan Attendance

  • World Boxing Association Heavyweight Championship (April) – 94,000 fans
  • Capital FM Summertime Ball (June) – 80,000 fans
  • Emirates Football Association Cup Finals (July) – 87,000 fans (women's); 85,000 fans (men's)  
  • Six-Night Coldplay Residency (August) – 90,000 fans per concert

Delaware North's hospitality team at Wembley, which typically has about 2,800 hospitality team members onsite during major events, hosted many sold-out shows already in 2022.