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Delaware North releases Future of Recreation, Travel & Hospitality

forth_report202-5511158It has been a remarkable couple of years for the hospitality and travel industry. Name-brand global companies along with small businesses had to fight for survival and adapt to circumstances that often changed on a daily basis. Delaware North's latest "Future Of" report charts the possible course of massive social transformations and explores how emerging technologies might forever alter the hospitality industry.

Never have there been better tools to understand and connect with customers. Never have there been more ways to streamline supply chains and create more efficient organizations. And never before has the world been in more need of the joy, escape and human connection that the travel, hospitality and sports industries have to offer.

Today’s business leaders need to be well versed in subjects that hardly existed a generation ago. They must understand—and keep pace with—emerging influences such as blockchains, social media, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, collaboration software and cybersecurity. No one can see beyond the horizon with perfect clarity but believe that it is possible to improve our vantage point through wide-ranging, open and inclusive exploration. 

As we adapt to the changed terrain, it is an excellent time to have conversations with team members, trusted partners and industry leaders about the future.