Kayleigh Holmes, head of staffing operations and human resources for Delaware North at Emirates Stadium in London, recently earned an Acorn Award – given annually to the United Kingdom hospitality industry’s up-and-coming stars. The highly coveted award spans every sector of the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants and contract companies.
The Acorn Awards recognize only 30 people – all under the age of 30 – who have been nominated by their peers for their achievements, passion and flair.
“She is the sort of person who brings vibrancy and enthusiasm to her role,” the award write-up said of Holmes. “It enables an environment that is collaborative, while setting clear benchmarks of what we are trying to achieve as a team. She is calm under pressure and very approachable, and has the respect and support of her entire team – the results of which can be seen on any match-day check-in.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Kayleigh Holmes (right) – joined by Helen Landau, Delaware North’s general manager at Emirates Stadium – shows off her Acorn Award.
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