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Delaware North Companies Parks and Resorts Partners with Poo Poo Paper Company

Parks and Resorts division promotes environmental stewardship through excrement-inspired gifts

BUFFALO, N.Y. (June 05, 2008) – In an continued effort to promote environmental stewardship and establish eco-friendly policies, Delaware North Companies has partnered with an environmentally conscious company, Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company Limited. Elephant Paper has long been featured in Delaware North’s Parks and Resorts locations, and recently made its debut at the Detroit Metro Airport.

Based out of Ontario, Canada, Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company creates all of its products from recycled, sterilized African and Asian elephant excrement. Through an extensive, all-natural process, excrement fibers are sterilized and mixed with banana tree and pineapple fibers, formed into small cakes and dried in the sun. As a result, paper is formed and transformed into stationary, journals, note boxes and bookmarks.

“We started selling our products at Yosemite after the representatives from Parks and Resorts saw our paper and recognized the eco-friendly philosophy behind it,” said Michael Flancman, founder of Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company. “We wanted to have a mission, a purpose, and that was really our driving force. Since then, we’ve gone on to sell the paper at important tourist destinations like Sequoia National Park, the Grand Canyon, Geneva Lake and Niagara Falls State Park.”

Flancman and his company work hard to cater to each individual location, providing exclusive merchandise found only at the different Delaware North managed parks. Each park’s products feature a localized design, and according to feedback, customers seem to appreciate this one-of-a-kind detail.

“It’s been received fantastically,” said Flancman. “I get frequent emails from customers saying that they saw our product at Yosemite or wherever they may have vacationed, and they ask where they can get it once they’re home. I say, ‘Nowhere.'”

Delaware North has long championed environmental preservation GreenPath, a company-wide environmental management system. GreenPath prides itself on incorporating environmental considerations into business decisions and reducing the overall discharge and emission of wastes to all environmental media. The company not only recycles tons of raw materials annually, but also attempts to choose environmentally-friendly vendors who contribute positively to the global campaign for a greener earth.

“I think our products are the right products at the right time,” said Flancman. “People are concerned about the environment and preservation, and our products offer a sophisticated, humorous and eco-friendly approach that’s unique. To be able to partner with Delaware North managed state parks, which are really like the jewels of the country, is fitting.”