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Delaware North, Buffalo Public Schools announce partnership for cybersecurity curriculum

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Delaware North and the Buffalo (N.Y.) Public Schools on Thursday announced the launch of a comprehensive cybersecurity curriculum for students of two high schools in the district’s Innovative High Schools program.
The four-year cybersecurity curriculum will be offered at Bennett High School’s Computing Academy of Technological Sciences and at the newly-named East Community High School because one of its career paths focuses on law, public safety and security.
The announcement took place in The Hub – the auditorium space in Delaware North’s global jerry_yvette_kcash_360-8562928headquarters – with a group of students from the aforementioned schools in attendance. Yvette Vincent, Delaware North’s vice president of Information Technology, spoke to the students about the ever-growing technology field before turning things over to Delaware North Co-CEO Jerry Jacobs Jr., who formally announced the new partnership.
“Generating that next generation of professionals and experts in this field is creating not just jobs and opportunities for our youth, but also answering a very, very serious business problem for our future,” Jacobs said. “So it was an easy ‘Yes’ for our company and our family to say: ‘Let’s do this. Let’s partner with the Buffalo Public Schools, and let’s build a brighter future for our kids.’”
At the announcement, Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash thanked Delaware North for its generous donation of resources and expertise.
Delaware North’s information technology (IT) department, which oversees the company’s global cybersecurity program and IT infrastructure, is advising on the program’s development to ensure relevance in today’s business environment. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for admission to colleges with highly regarded cybersecurity degree programs, making possible careers in cybersecurity with the federal government, state governments and private-sector companies.
“These are the students of the future,” Jacobs said. “These are the people who are going to change our community.”

PHOTO CAPTION: From left to right are Delaware North Co-CEO Jerry Jacobs Jr., Vice President of IT Yvette Vincent and Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash.