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Chef’s Corner: Matthew Riznyk

For the latest edition of Chef’s Corner – which shines the light on Delaware North culinarians – we got to know Matthew Riznyk, who recently joined the company as executive chef at SunTrust Park, the future home of the Atlanta Braves.
The 2016 Major League Baseball season was Delaware North Sportservice’s first as the Braves’ food and beverage partner. It also marked the final year of operations at Turner Field, with the Braves and Delaware North Sportservice set to transition into the sparkling, new SunTrust Park in 2017.
Corporate Communications: What is it like to not only be joining a company – but also a brand matthew_riznyk-9958156new, state-of-the-art ballpark?
Matthew Riznyk: A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Delaware North is a titan in this industry and has forged its reputation on an incredible passion for food, guest experience and attention to detail.
I knew from the moment the dialogue started that our values and visions aligned – something that I knew could truly inspire greatness. I have always loved building a program from the ground up; the complexity and the teamwork that it takes to keep everything moving forward is both staggering and inspirational. It’s an honor to be working with such a hard-working and talented team of people. To have all this walking into a new home is priceless.
CC: How would you describe your style of cooking?
MR: Balanced, thoughtful and well-seasoned.
CC: How would you describe yourself?
MR: Balanced, thoughtful and well-seasoned.
CC: What is the best advice you have received in the kitchen?
MR: Travel changes you and the way you view the world. Without the experiences I’ve had, both great and small: I wouldn’t have the culinary depth and voice without exploration of cuisine in its purest form. I wouldn’t have the connection to my peers without understanding culture and a deep respect for it. I wouldn’t have the unwavering desire for finding the hidden gems. I wouldn’t have the profound love for food and the sense of community it can foster. I wouldn’t have me.
CC: What is your favorite food?
MR: Anything that tells a good story. Food tastes better when coupled with a memory, or it can be the very thing that creates them. A fish taco on the beach; a cassoulet on a snowy night; grilled pig intestines at an izakaya (a Japanese gastropub); a hot dog at a baseball game.
Food is an experience – one that can transport or ground you. My favorites do both at the same time.