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Chef’s Corner: Ian Moffat

For this edition of Chef’s Corner – which shines the light on Delaware North culinarians – we caught up with Ian Moffat, Delaware North’s kitchen manager at Glasgow Airport in the United Kingdom.
Glasgow Airport opened in 1966 and is now the eighth busiest airport in the UK. Delaware North ianmoffat360-6834495operates several restaurants and food outlets in the airport just before security.

Corporate Communications: What words describe you?
Ian Moffat: Ambitious. Happy. Always up for a laugh.
CC: What words describe your food?
IM: Simple and full of flavor.
CC: What has been your favorite moment at Delaware North?
IM: Representing team UK in Buffalo, New York, at the 2014 Food & Beverage Summit. Not only was this my greatest moment at Delaware North, it was the greatest experience in my culinary career. I was honored to be given the opportunity to network with several talented Delaware North chefs who I continue to keep in touch with on a regular basis. The trip also gave me the perfect excuse to wear my kilt to the formal dinner, which brought up some great conversation with Delaware North employees who have Scottish ancestry.
CC: What is the best advice you have received in the kitchen?
IM: Treat each ingredient with the same respect that you would your own family.
CC: What is your favorite food?
IM: Good old British fish and chips – locally sourced haddock cooked in a crispy golden batter, triple-cooked chips, chunky tartar sauce and perfectly mushed peas with just the right amount of vinegar.
CC: What is your least-favorite food?
IM: I would have to say the only food on the planet that I can't eat is water chestnuts. There is something about the texture that just doesn't work for me.
CC: Who are your cooking heroes?
IM: This is the easiest question that I will ever be asked. My dad is my ultimate cooking hero. My earliest memory is in the kitchen with my dad, teaching me how to cook everything from curries to cinnamon buns. He taught me about the importance of local fresh produce and of course how to season a piece of fish perfectly.
Although he is an electrical engineer, if he ever decided to go into the catering industry he would have been a world-renowned chef. He is the reason that I became a chef.