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Atlas V Rocket Launch from Kennedy Space Center Thrills Spectators

Atlas V Rocket Launch from Kennedy Space Center Thrills Spectators
Crowds from Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Watch Launch
from Apollo/Saturn V Center
Editor’s Note:
Click here to download hi-def .mov Broll of launch
including sound bites and actual launch footage

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Oct. 29, 2014) – KENNEDY SPACE CENTER – Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex guests at the Apollo/Saturn V Center inside Kennedy Space Center experienced the unforgettable sights, sounds and earth-shaking vibrations of an Atlas V rocket launch today at 1:21 p.m. United Launch Alliance launched the Atlas V rocket to carry the GPS IIF-8 satellite. GPS IIF-8 is one of the next-generation satellites that serve and protect warfighters by providing navigational assistance for U.S. military operations on land, at sea, and in the air. In addition to government needs, civilians around the world use and depend on GPS capabilities on a daily basis, whether it be through smart phones, computers, car GPS or even for shopping and gaming.
“It was very good. After seeing them years ago on the television, to see one in person is brilliant!” said Peter Quigley of Oxford, England.
 “It was amazing, it was awesome. Very, very amazing,” said Kathy Pastorius visiting from Amelia Island, Florida, “We bought an annual pass so we can come back.”
“It was futureiffic!” said Emily Duncan visiting from Warwick, England with her parents and older brother.
The launch today is one of numerous rocket launches taking place at Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral Air Force Station each year, carrying not only NASA science missions and government satellites, but also testing commercial space endeavors such as SpaceX.
2014 Rocket Launch Schedule (schedule subject to change):
December TBD                                   Delta IV: ULA Orion Exploration Flight Test-1
Dec. 5                                                  SpaceX 5 commercial resupply services flight
A list of upcoming launches, launch-related activities and other special events are available online at or by calling 866-737-5235.