New Exterior Lighting Design is a WIN-WIN Situation


An exterior lighting project with a specialty, energy saving LED lighting system, has been installed to illuminate the TD Banknorth Garden at night. The project brings an exciting new live lighting element to the Garden with a myriad of lighting capabilities to signify the events that are happening within the building. When the Boston Bruins are playing at home, the building will bask in a gold glow; for the Boston Celtics, a leprechaun green; the Boston Blazers, a fiery red; concerts will shimmer in a rainbow of tie-dye; and special events radiate a blue hue. To celebrate a home team win, the building has the ability to do the 'wave' through a special lighting effect, signifying the victory within the city skyline. The Boston Bruins host the Phoenix Coyotes tonight at 7:00 p.m., and if they are victorious in the match-up, this will be the first time the 'wave' is debuted.

"We are pleased to display our new lighting look that will help us highlight TD Banknorth Garden events, and celebrate our home teams all while representing an important step in our environmental commitment to lower energy use - a win-win situation," said John Wentzell, President of TD Banknorth Garden and Delaware North Companies - Boston. "Befitting our status as the city's main sports and entertainment venue, the new system is an exciting way to enhance and celebrate our teams' success, particularly as optimism builds for the Bruins, Celtics and Blazers playoff series' ahead. Our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint led us to evaluate and deploy LED lighting technology that saves energy, reduces maintenance costs and provides better light quality."   
TD Banknorth Garden worked in collaboration with Port Lighting Systems of Seabrook, NH to specify, design and install the new lighting technology and appearance. Philips Color Kinetics provided the preferred light fixtures for this project. Outlining the north, west and east roofline are 116 Color Kinetics ColorBlast fixtures. The focal point of the exterior is the southeast tower that rises above the roofline, visible from all directions, and consists of 381 Color Kinetics Colorcast fixtures. This strategic use of all-new, energy efficient LED lights replaced the buildings' existing fluorescent and metal halide lighting equipment and maximizes efficiency while providing extraordinary architectural lighting enhancements. The project provides a 60% decrease in kilowatt consumption over the previous equipment.
Helping to redefine its identity and add to its character, the TD Banknorth Garden will be illuminated nightly at dusk, and be turned off at 2:00 a.m. with automatic controls. Computer controlled and programmable, the lights in the tower and along the building can change color and can create millions of lighting schemes. Custom colors and designs will be created to honor and denote special occasions, holidays and city events. The exterior lighting continues to usher in a symbolic new era for the TD Banknorth Garden, as one Boston's favorite landmarks revels in a whole new light.
TD Banknorth Garden color code for the week of 3/5-3/12:
Thursday, March 5 - Boston Bruins vs. Phoenix Coyotes -   GOLD
Friday, March 6 - Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers - GREEN
Saturday, March 7 - Boston Bruins vs. New York Islanders -GOLD
Sunday, March 8 - Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic - GREEN
Monday, March 9 - MIAA Girls High School Basketball - BLUE
Tuesday, March 10 - MIAA Boys High School Basketball  - BLUE
Wednesday, March 11 - Fleetwood Mac   - TIE-DYE
*Post game 'wave' dependant upon outcome of game. 
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