New helicopter transfers and scenic tours 
Guests will now have the option to arrive in style at Lizard Island following the decision to base a helicopter on the island.  

Operated by Skysafari Australia, the four-seater Robinson 44 helicopter and the five-seater Robinson 66 helicopter – nicknamed the sports cars of helicopters - will operate a range of flights each day and will be stationed on Lizard Island.

The spectacular scenic transfer from Cairns takes a little over an hour and will have guests flying low over the reef, coastline and Far North Queensland rainforest. They will be able to enjoy a large window viewing area while experiencing commentary from a certified tourism pilot guide.

Depending on weather conditions and the time of day, guests will also have the choice to land and enjoy a glass of Champagne on a remote sand cay or isolated mountain top en route -  at no extra cost. The transfer from Cairns Airport to Lizard Island is $1,295 per person, one way.

Guests will also be able to take advantage of Lizard Island’s enviable location on the northern end of the Great Barrier Reef and enjoy a range of scenic flights and day tours during their stay.

Scenic flights from Lizard Island will fly approximately 500ft to 1500ft above sea level presenting an amazing aerial perspective of the Great Barrier Reef.  From 500ft it is possible to see a large number and variety of marine and mainland wildlife - everything from sharks, manta rays and turtles to dugong, whales and crocodiles, wallabies, sea eagles and wild boar on the coast.  All flights will require a minimum of two passengers to travel.

Three flights have been specially created to make the most of Lizard’s surroundings.  

•The 20-minute Lizard Island “Photographer Flight” will soar over the Blue Lagoon, taking in Palfrey and South Island, then head beyond Cooks Look to reveal Lizard’s 24 white sand beaches – all with the option of having the doors off. The Lizard Island Photographer Flight is $200 per person.

•The Great Barrier Reef trip allows guests to venture above the world’s largest living organism to see its wild marine creatures on this true sky safari. They will enjoy a rare view of the cobalt blue waters contrasting the spectacular Ribbon Reefs along the continental shelf. This 40-minute trip costs $400 per person.

The 60-minute Reef and Coast trip is the ultimate Far North Queensland experience and offers views of wildly abundant coastline, unique freshwater lagoons and endless white dunes as they contrast the pristine islands of the Great Barrier Reef. The Reef and Coast trip is $600 per person.

Five Lizard Island Day Tours also have been created offering the scenic flight experience with additional landings at other, sometimes remote, destinations: 

•Fisherman’s Paradise offers guests an incredible flight path over an outstanding reef system and coastline to access a unique Australian wilderness. The flight touches down at exclusive locations to experience remote tropical north Queensland barramundi fishing on privileged aboriginal waterways. This is the ultimate fishing adventure. The five-and- a-half hour trip costs $1,240 per person.

•The Aboriginal Experience allows guests to connect with an ancient past flying over the Great Barrier Reef, up to the Coral Coast and over the Far North Queensland hinterland.  The tour includes an Aboriginal elder’s interpretation of bush surroundings and visit rock art sites. This five-hour tour costs $1,255 per person.

•The Golf on the Cape tour gives golf enthusiasts the chance to play at the northernmost golf course on Australia’s east coast. Located at the base of Mount Cook the 9-hole Cooktown Links Golf Course offers a combination of sweeping fairways, undulating greens and challenging bunkers. This five-and-a-half hour trip costs $1,335 per person.

•The Coloured Sands Picnic trip is a two-and-a-half hour tour offering a flight over fringing reefs before settling on a sand dune surrounded by ancient rainforest and freshwater lakes. The cost is $695 per person.

•The Cooktown Endeavour trip offers guests the chance to sweep over the Great Barrier Reef before landing in Cooktown, Australia’s historic town on the banks of the Endeavour River. Guests can wander through the town, visit the James Cook Museum and have a drink the old hotel. This five-hour tour costs $1,300 per person.

Lizard Island General Manager Robyn Pontynen said: “It is such a privilege to be located right on the Great Barrier Reef here at Lizard Island, so we are thrilled that we can now not only offer our guests a truly remarkable underwater experience but also offer them stunning aerial views as well.”

Award winning and a constant favourite in the world’s ‘best’ lists, Lizard Island is located right on the spectacular Great Barrier Reef, 240km north of Cairns and 27km off the coast of Cape Flattery.  An idyllic island fringed with pristine coral reefs, crystal clear waters and 24 powdery white beaches, Lizard offers the postcard perfect setting for an Australian island escape.

Editors Note:

Lizard Island is owned and operated by Delaware North Australia Parks & Resorts, owners of Australian resorts including Wilson Island, El Questro Wilderness Park, Heron Island and Kings Canyon Resort. 

For more information on bookings and special offers go to: www.lizardisland.com.au

For reservations contact: 1300 863 241 or +61 3 9413 6297.


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